Storage that comes to you.

Cubiq picks up, stores, and brings back whatever you need, when you need it.

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How it Works

By The Cube

We deliver empty cubes for free. Something doesn't fit? We can store any size item.


No lifting, lugging or transporting. Let Cubiq do it for you.

From Your Phone

Need something back? A few clicks and you’ll have it tomorrow.


Cubiq is cheaper and more convenient than self storage.
No rental trucks, no long-term commitments.

2x2 bedroom closet

2' x 2'

bedroom closet

$59 / mo

16 cu. ft.

5 cubes included

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2x4 walk-in closet

2' x 4'

walk-in closet

$99 / mo

32 cu. ft.

10 cubes included

Sold Out
3x4 dorm room

3' x 4'

dorm room

$149 / mo

48 cu. ft.

15 cubes included

Sold Out
5x5 studio apartment

5' x 5'

single room

$299 / mo

100 cu. ft.

16 cubes included

Sold Out
5x10 1-bedroom apartment

5' x 10'

studio apartment

$399 / mo

200 cu. ft.

20 cubes included

Sold Out
5x15 2-bedroom apartment

5' x 15'

1-bedroom apartment

$499 / mo

300 cu. ft.

24 cubes included

Sold Out
10x10 small office

10' x 10'

small office

$549 / mo

400 cu. ft.

Sold Out
10x10 medium office

10' x 15'

medium office

$649 / mo

600 cu. ft.

Sold Out
custom size room


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The Only Way to do Storage in Boston.

Cubiq takes all the hassle out of self-storage, saving you time and money.

Delivery when you want it

Schedule some or all of your items to be returned to you on the day and time of your choosing.

Professional-grade storage bins

Our storage bins are free, and keep your items safe and organized.

Online access to your items

Log in to Cubiq and see everything in storage. Click on what you want to have it returned to you.

Secure and Safe

Our facilities have state-of-the-art security and climate control to keep your items safe.

All Plans Include:

Pickup at your door

Free professional-grade storage bins with security seals

Free $200 basic protection plan

Online inventory and scheduling

What Customers are Saying

This is by far the best storage place in Boston!! Cubiq makes everything easy and everyone I have contacted is so kind and responsive. They even helped me reassemble my desk properly. Cubiq goes above and beyond and I highly recommend them.

Cubiq is an amazing company, run by dedicated people and I highly recommend them to everyone. I had called many companies before finding Cubiq and none of them could complete everything I needed. When I said I had less items to move to storage Michael said he was glad that I was able to reduce my overall storage costs. How incredible is that?

I use this company for work and personal storage. This team is AMAZING. Everyone shows up with the best attitude, their value is unmatched, and they are extremely punctual and efficient. Any issues I have are responded to promptly and they go out of their way to make any mistakes right. I will be a long time customer and I HIGHLY recommend Cubiq to all my friends and family.



South End

“Raising two young children in a South End brownstone is now much easier because of Cubiq. All our “stuff” is no longer spread throughout the condo. We live better and have more room. Seriously…now we don’t need to move to the suburbs!”



“I paid $80/month for a storage place I never visited and never knew what was even in my unit. With Cubiq, everything is right there in my pocket. Smartphone accessible storage - brilliant!”


Back Bay

“Not having to use my second bedroom as a storage closet is a dream come true. With Cubiq, I basically now have unlimited closet space. Living in Back Bay has never been easier.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cubiq provides durable, securable, commercial grade containers, called cubes.

Cubes are delivered to you (for free). You fill them and we pick them up.

Cubiq stores your items in our secure facilities.

You can use our website or your phone to request any of your items, and we will return them on your schedule.

By making storage visually searchable and smartphone accessible, your belongings are always close at hand.

Cubiq is not just more convenient - it is often cheaper than traditional self-storage.

With Cubiq, you only pay for what you use. If your storage needs change, your plan adjusts up or down to fit your needs.

You are not locked into to annual contracts. Cubiq is month-to-month, billed monthly.

Cubiq is simple, clean and delivered. Period.

Your time is valuable, and Cubiq gives you more of your time back. You never visit a storage facility, or lug your belongings to your car. Cubiq does all the work for you, allowing you to enjoy more of your home.

7 days a week from 8 AM to 6 PM.
You will be notified by phone call or text message when your Concierge is close by.
If you require a specific time for delivery or pickup, please send us a note and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

All of our storage and delivery team members have the title of Concierge. Each is empowered with the ability to take care of your needs and make things right. They are thoroughly screened and verified with background checks and must be licensed with the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Each Concierge goes through comprehensive training so that they know what to do in order to provide the best customer service imaginable. The cornerstones of our relationships with our customers are security, trust, excellent service and ease of use.